First edition of Xarfa 2 Market at DFactory Barcelona

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On December 1st, 2023, the additive manufacturing community gathered at the inaugural edition of Xarfa 2 Market at DFactory Barcelona, meticulously organized by Xarfa / CIM UPC with Leitat, partner of the IAM3DHUB. Themed “Challenges and Opportunities in the World of 3D Printing,” the event brought together enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders, with IAM3DHUB playing a pivotal role.

The day kicked off with an introduction by Òscar Alonso, Additive Area Manager at IAM3HDUB, presenting the technological capacities at DFactory Barcelona.

The day kicked off with an introduction by Òscar Alonso, Additive Area Manager at IAM3HDUB. His presentation about the technoligcal capacities of Leitat and DFactory Barcelona set the stage for a day filled with insights into the dynamic landscape of 3D printing challenges and opportunities.

Throughout the event, Mariel Díaz, leading entrepreneur and expert in additive manufacturing, took the stage for a noteworthy intervention: “Challenges and trends in the 3D printing market”.

Visiting the IAM3DHUB facilities

Three insightful roundtable discussions unfolded, including:

  • Current frontiers of the implementation of additive manufacturing in the healthcare sector, moderated by Felip Fenollosa, Director of Strategic R&D&I at CIM UPC.
  • Emerging opportunities in additive manufacturing technology transfer through the Catalan Industry ecosystem, moderated by Roger Uceda, Director of Transfer and Valorization of CIM UPC.
  • How to innovate towards KET technologies and orient applied research to meet the challenges of the construction sector, moderated by Arnau Cumelles, COO of Aridditive

Post-discussions, participants enjoyed an insightful tour of IAM3DHUB’s facilities, gaining firsthand insights into the applications of AM. The day concluded with a networking session.

For an in-depth look into the event, details on the roundtable discussions and presentations, explore Xarfa’s official post. The post offers a comprehensive view of the interventions and collaborative efforts that marked this significant gathering in the AM calendar.