IAM3DHUB, host of the ADDITIV Medical Event Spain 3.0

Santi Cervera · 18th març, 2024

Yet another year, on April 25th, our partner 3Dnatives is organizing the ADDITIV Medical Event, the anual gathering of the medical and dental spanish community on the 3D printing field. And the IAM3DHUB will host it again in their facilities in DFactory Barcelona.

On April 25, 2024 comes a new edition of ADDITIV Medical, a hybrid meeting of the 3D industry with the medical and dental sector. This unique opportunity will serve as a meeting point between the different companies that use 3D printing in the health sector, with those hospitals and health centers in the same field, with the IAM3DHUB as co-organizer and premium partner.

After the success of the two previous editions, this new meeting aims to further explore the benefits of additive manufacturing in the field of health and dentistry. We look forward to seeing you on April 25, 2024 in hybrid form at ADDITIV Medical, where a day will feature speakers specialized in different fields of medicine and industry professionals who will give us their vision of the current state of medical 3D printing.

Get closer to 3D technologies in a virtual way

As last year, the hybrid event will be composed of a main part that will take place virtually. Through the online platform Swapcard, we will be able to dynamically exchange experiences with other attendees and professionals. Throughout 4 hours we will soak up knowledge about the use of 3D technologies in the medical and dental sector. This day will be dedicated to conferences and workshops led by health experts.

The virtual event will start with an opening speech before moving on to the first panel of the day at 09:20, with the title “How has the use of additive manufacturing progressed in the development of orthotics and prosthetics?“. These lectures will last 40 minutes and will cover topics from different healthcare sectors in Spain. Each panel will be followed by a 20-minute workshop in which a company will show us an interesting topic or application of 3D technology. In both the panels and the workshops, attendees will be able to ask the experts their doubts and questions so that they can answer them live.

The second conference will start at 10:40 and will address the topic “3D printing regulations in hospitals: perspectives and challenges“, in which the IAM3DHUB will participate. Finally, the third and last panel will start at 12:00 and will deal with “Dental 3D printing: applications, advances and future of the industry“. Although the topics of the 3 workshops have not yet been confirmed, one of them organized by the IAM3DHUB about a didactic or training session that will take place after each talk, you can visit the full agenda of the virtual event, because in the coming weeks they will be announced!

The face-to-face meeting with industry professionals

In addition to the virtual part, ADDITIV Medical will once again bring together the 3D industry in physical form in the city of Barcelona. As last year, this meeting will take place at DFactory Barcelona, where the IAM3DHUB facilities are located, where we will be able to learn about the possibilities of 3D technologies in different medical fields. The event will start with a networking part and an application showroom of the IAM3DHUB partners, where different medical applications will be shown.

There will also be several workshops with the Hub partners where you can learn first-hand about the relationship between 3D printing and the medical sector.

We have already confirmed the presence of major professionals and hospital centers, as well as 3D printing companies that will be part of this on-site event, although we will still have to wait a bit to find out all the details!