Vall d’Hebron Hospital visits the IAM3DHUB

admin_beta · 25th gener, 2024
Vall d'Hebron visit

A Vall d’Hebron Hospital delegation, led by Ignasi Maspons, Director of Teaching for the Children’s and Women’s Hospital, visited IAM3DHUB on January 24th to explore collaborative opportunities in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. The delegation included Manel Escobar, Clinic Director in Imaging Diagnostics, Raquel Cánovas, Director of Infrastructures and Technology, and Laura Escot, from the Innovation Unit.

Hosted by IAM3DHUB, including David Adrover, General Manager, Magí Galindo, Scientific and Technical Director, Òscar Alonso, Additive Area Manager and Xavier Tutó, Principal Researcher, the Vall d’Hebron Hospital team visited the IAM3DHUB’s labs and discussed potential applications in the medical sector to foster innovation.

Among the topics of the visits were current applications of 3D printing in healthcare, with IAM3DHUB showcasing key projects such as Odapt, a 3D-printed silicone wafer to prevent leakage, and Tailor Surgery, providing a comprehensive 3D digital surgery service for orthopedic procedures.

Expressing keen interest in leveraging IAM3DHUB’s expertise, Vall d’Hebron Hospital aims to advance medical technology, particularly in creating solutions for patient care.

This visit marks a significant stride in the ongoing collaboration between Vall d’Hebron Hospital and IAM3DHUB, reflecting a shared commitment to advancing medical technology through additive manufacturing, potentially revolutionizing patient care and medical solutions.