Leitat 1 awarded

Leitat 1 is awarded by Industria 4.0 and ip22@ badge

The emergency ventilator, Leitat 1, is the result of the alliance between Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZFB), HP and Leitat (Tecnio), together with Catsalut, through the Hospital Parc Taulí de Sabadell.

Designed by the researcher and technological director of the IAM 3D HUB Magí Galindo, and medically validated by the team of Dr. Lluís Blanch, Leitat 1 has been recognized for the initiative, effort and ability to put talent at the service of society.

The emergency ventilator has been achieved with 3D printing technology in a bit more than a week and approved by the Spanish Medical Agency. This emergency device can be produced at an industrial scale and reach a daily production capacity of 50 up to 100 units. It was set up in less than 48 hours, and in less than two weeks it was distributed to hospitals. Currently, the respirator is in more than 20 hospitals, that are participating in the clinical study.


The Industry 4.0 Commission of Engineers of Catalonia has recognized the development of mechanical ventilators to help hospitals for attending patients affected by COVID-19, among those who is Leitat 1.

The V Fòrum Indústria, held in virtual format, has awarded also: AER-0 (CDEI-UPC), AIRE v5 (DOGA), DAR (GasN2), GARROTXA (NOEL Alimentaria), MAR (MOSE Serveis d’Enginyeria), OXYGEN (SEAT), Q-VENT (QEV TECHNOLOGIES) and RESPIRA (GPA Innova). The Promotion Council of the Indústria4.0 Award is made up of the main associative, business, and professional entities of Catalonia, so it becomes a prize of reference in the country.

The Leitat 1 ventilator is recognized with the Industria 4.0 award


It has also been recognized with the IP22@ Badge, along with 9 other projects: IT Academy (Barcelona Activa), Interaction Care (Beabloo), Sensors de Visió Artificial (Bosch), Decode (DRIBIA), Ecosistema Social (Fundació IRES), ODEON (KIM), SuaraLab (Suara Cooperativa), UAP (Urban Air Purifier) and Valkiria Institute For Future (Valkiria).

Those projects have been distinguished for their high quality and innovative potential. The criteria that have been considered for the evaluation are the degree of innovation, local, national and/ or international implementation of the project, as well as the impact on the district and the city of Barcelona.