The advance of 3D printing drives training programs

One of the latest studies by the Employment Guidance Board concludes that 50% of existed jobs will change in the coming years and even some will disappear to give rise to new job profiles. The cause is none other than the advancement of 4.0 technologies and their implementation in different business sectors.

A clear example of this can be found in 3D printing. Additive manufacturing has been around for several decades, but in recent years it has experienced a significant leap thanks to software development, the evolution of hardware, and the continuous emergence of new materials. This evolution has led more and more companies to opt for the use of these technologies to obtain formal and functional prototypes, tools, and production aids or as a complement in their production line and, in some cases as a direct production option. Some companies, mainly start-ups, are already betting on 3D printing as a basic development tool and an alternative for production. The growing business interest in the use of these technologies has led to the creation of new specialized and technical professional profiles and has therefore given rise to the need for associated training.

We are witnessing the birth of the first educational careers, masters and postgraduate courses focused on specialization in 3D printing technologies and even some countries already include training courses in additive manufacturing in the school stage, as is the case in India.

The training is not only focused on students and young professionals, but also in vocational retraining of active workers who wish to direct their careers towards the use of this type of technology. To respond to these needs, many initiatives have emerged that offer such training: specialized companies, consultants, hubs, technology centers, digital platforms, professional associations, and so on. Most offer tailor-made training tailored to the needs of businesses and people who are committed to this process of technological adoption.

The IAM 3D HUB, an entity with extensive additive manufacturing resources and experienced and trained professionals, covers the needs of both types of profiles through its new digital platform: the IAM 3D HUB Academy. On the one hand, offering a tailor-made 3D printing training service for all types of companies and professional profiles: from managers, to design and engineering teams, production operators and technicians, or commercial teams, to name a few. On the other hand, it presents an extensive catalog of training courses linked to the value chain of 3D printing. In the catalog you can find, for those who start, basic and introductory courses to the different technologies, materials, and tools. Likewise, for those already initiated, tools and techniques of design and topological optimization and, finally, for those who are considering their application in production, access to the latest technology of an industrial nature with 100 percent practical training.

In response to the demands of the sector, all theoretical training courses can be carried out in person at the IAM 3D HUB or the 3D Factory Incubator (Barcelona) facilities or by direct videoconference with the teacher and tutor of the course. IAM 3D HUB is a project driven by HP, Leitat, Renishaw, ArcelorMittal, Forward AM by BASF, Abrast by Coniex, the 3D Factory Incubator and Fira de Barcelona, through the Industry From Needs to Solutions show.

The proliferation of this training offer will make it possible to respond to the demand for specialized professional profiles and ultimately promote the development and implementation of technologies 4.0 in the coming years and more specifically, additive manufacturing/3D printing technologies.

Original source article: Interempresas


The IAM 3D HUB will launch two face-to-face training programs on additive manufacturing for unemployed young people, of 310 hours of training each, in collaboration with PIMEC, the employer’s association that represents the self-employed, and the micro, small and medium-sized companies of Catalonia; and the specialized training and employment platform in 3D printing, I-AMdigital next November. The project has received financial support from the Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya (SOC) through its project called «Singular Projects», which aims to promote the employability and professional skills of young people without work or training.