Let us help you to adopt additive manufacturing technologies and to adapt your company

to this new production reality with all the guarantees and maximum efficiency

Let us help you to Identify proper AM solution for your product, or we can also provide you sample parts with different AM technologies. In this first step of the journey to AM adoption, we can analyze the manufacturing capacities of your company and give you a cost estimation to support fact-based decision making.

Once you have decided the material and analyze your capabilities, we can help you with the (re) design for AM/3DP of your product, in order to optimize any part's functionality by AM thinking. According to our experience managing a pilot plant, we can also help you to establish the floor planing layout to improve productivity and efficiency.

If you have completed the AM adoption, we can help you to find financing solutions

Last but not least, we have an experienced team to offer customized AM/3DP training according to your company' needs. Furthermore, we have the following courses:

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