New downloadable guides from the IAM 3D HUB

We are happy to announce the following guides related to the 3D printing value chain developed by the IAM 3D Hub’s partners. Get them for free and expand your knowledge:

3D Printing Solutions for Higher Education by HP:

Just like the layer-by-layer approach of the technology itself, 3D printing has taken a while to build up to its full potential. It has now reached a technological and economic inflection point that is opening the door for the digital transformation of the global manufacturing industry.

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Ultrasint TPU for car interior applications by Q-BASF:

The mindset “think additive” summarizes how the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology unlocks the potential for novel part geometries and revolutionary designs compared to traditional manufacturing technologies. For the automotive industry, it means completely new application concepts, lighter parts as well as time and cost savings for the product development.

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Design for metal AM a beginner’s guide by RENISHAW:

Additive manufacturing (AM) gives us tremendous freedom to create components with free-form and intricate features, direct from CAD and without the need for expensive
tooling. These complex designs would be impractical, if not impossible, to produce conventionally. Additive components are often lighter, more efficient and better adapted to their application.

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