MADIT Metal improves its additive manufacturing services thanks to ABRAST

A little over a month ago, MADIT Metal installed its first two Renishaw RenAM 500M in order to provide additive manufacturing services in metal in the Basque Country. This newly created company aims to become a national benchmark of PBLF (Powder Bed Laser Fusion) technology.

In addition to performing metal 3D printing services, MADIT specializes in the complete manufacturing process of an additive part, also offering post-processing services. To do this, it seeks to have the best solutions in the market to reduce costs and process times. These post-processes play a very important role in metallic additive manufacturing, reaching in some cases a reduction of 40% of the final cost and 60% of the manufacturing lead time.

Following this line, MADIT has incorporated the cleaning and surface treatment solutions of ABRAST, a business unit of the CONIEX Group, which is specialized in integral post-processing solutions for additive manufacturing. Thanks to the accumulated experience over more than 30 years in finishing processes for all types of components and applications, and also to the technological capabilities of its range of solutions, MADIT will be able to clean and surface finish  its produced parts by using different blasting methods, and thus achieve more homogeneous finishings by controlling the roughness of the pieces and offering a wide range of aesthetic and functional possibilities to its customers. «About our target sectors, our intention is to focus on the metal-mechanical industry and product design sectors, covering any need for metal parts except those for the medical implant sector. To be able to give a full service to our customers, we must have all the necessary capacities, so that we control the entire manufacturing process and reduce the cost and lead time, comment from its partners while implementing ABRAST solutions on their facilities.

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