“Barcelona, leader in AM thanks to the IAM3DHUB”

admin_beta · 14th febrer, 2024
David Adrover's interview

Towards the end of last year, David Adrover, who heads IAM3DHUB, gave an interesting interview shedding light on Barcelona’s growing role in 3D printing. Adrover explained how the city is gaining recognition, thanks to the innovative work happening at IAM3DHUB.

The interview dug into the significant accomplishments IAM3DHUB has achieved in the world of 3D printing. Adrover shared how their efforts go beyond just improving technology; they also focus on bringing different industries together and helping people get the right training for the 3D printing field.

Establishing synergies between companies

IAM3DHUB has not only made strides in technology but also fostered partnerships between companies, research centers, and universities. This collaborative effort has created a lively environment for innovation, supporting the sustainable growth of the region.

Adrover spoke passionately about the future plans of IAM3DHUB during the interview. He stressed the need for continued collaboration between educational institutions and businesses, seeing it as vital not only for ongoing technological progress but also for the long-term success and growth of the region.

For a more in-depth look at David Adrover’s insights and IAM3DHUB’s future goals, you can read the full interview here.