Additiv Medical Spain 2022

Additiv Medical Spain 2022

IAM 3D HUB is glad to be among the sponsors and partners of Additiv Medical Spain 2022, which will be the second physical meeting between top professional figures of the additive manufacturing industry and the medical industry in Barcelona. 

The event will take place on the afternoon of May 12 in the neighboring spaces of the 3D Incubator, Zona Franca, following a digital-only encounter in the morning of the same day. 

During the 3 hours of physical meeting, attendees will be able to participate in practical training sessions provided by experts in additive manufacturing within the medical sector, followed by a panel on the state of implementation of these technologies in spanish hospitals and a visit to a production facility. 

Among the many notable speakers are certainly standing out Magí Galindo, Technical & Scientific Director at IAM 3D HUB and Xavier Tutó, Principal Design Researcher & AM Engineer at LEITAT.

To find out more about the event and register for free please visit